Masturbation and Ayurveda, आयुर्वेद और हस्तमैथुन

Disadvantages And Negative health Effects of Masturbation as per Ayurveda.

Masturbation and Ayurveda, आयुर्वेद और हस्तमैथुन

Disadvantages And Negative health Effects of Masturbation as per Ayurveda.


Ayurveda and Masturbation

ayurveda masterbation

Biovatica.com receives hundreds of emails in which our website visitors ask numerous questions about masturbation and masturbation habit. Some users have written that they have read some articles in western media about masturbation and have read some arguments which are totally different and opposite to the ethics and principles of Biovatica. Many boys and girls have written that after reading those articles they have become sceptical and confused about masturbation habit. They are confused about what is right and what is wrong. Some users have written that they used to believe that masturbation is a dirty and harmful habit but after reading those western blogs and articles (which say masturbation is a natural and common habit and it is not wrong, and it does not have any negative effect on health and married life) they have become tension-free and now masturbate as much as pleases them. In this work, vulgar books and adult websites provide the required help to achieve the orgasm in self-sex or masturbation. In order to address and answer all the users' queries we have compiled an FAQ section on the topic of masturbation. We hope after reading this FAQ section our website visitors will know our and Ayurveda's view on masturbation.

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Question: - is masturbation harmful for the body? Several boys and girls have written that they feel some weakness after masturbation.

Answer: - Definitely. Masturbation is harmful for the body and overall health. And these boys and girls' experience of weakness is also not wrong. Not only weakness but this disgusting habit brings several other health problems and diseases as well.

Whatever these people have read in western blogs and articles is based on their civilization, customs and mentality. That's why they have given the reference about an American study to support their arguments. The western countries where sex is done in a shabby and dirty manner, their sex related assumptions cannot be ideal or worth following for us. Unlike them, we don't do group sex. Unlike them we don't do homosex(same sex sex). In their countries two men, or two women, can validly live as a couple. They can keep sexual relationships even without marriage. It is their tradition to indulge in sexual relationship in the name of “courtship”, “live-in” and “dating”. But these relationships are considered bad and illegal in India. These countries which misuse sex in several ways, their people who have given birth to several Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and AIDS, there is no surprise if these people are encouraging masturbation in their boys and girls.

It is a truth that all Indian things are not good. Similarly, it is also a fact that all western things are not bad. Bad is our mentality which gets affected with certain things in such a way that we become unable to see the other side of the coin. India's beliefs and opinions about sex are totally different than those in western countries. India's Ayurveda has listed sex as one of the four purushaarths which are dharma, artha, kaam(sex) and moksha. Ayurveda has just advised to use sex in a moderate, limited and controlled manner. Ayurveda has regarded sex as an element of creativity and base of this universe.Indian philosophy has considered sex as a personal and secret task so that it cannot be used in excess. That's why Ayurveda has advised to use sex in a controlled and balanced manner.

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Question – now you have clearly indicated that blindly following western assumptions and practicals is not right. Now please tell us what is the faith and beliefs of Ancient Indian medical science and well known Aayurvedachaarya's (Ayurveda experts) views about masturbation?

Answer – Any Indian Ayurveda expert who believes in Indian medical science will not only consider masturbation as a shabby and disgusting habit but will also consider all unnatural sexual acts condemnable.

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Question: does masturbation badly affect the body and health? If yes, what ailment, diseases and health conditions or problems does masturbation cause?

Answer: Masturbation surely affects the body and overall health very badly. It causes several health conditions like mental stress, mental tension, cheekbones become dry and come out, eyes go inside and become encircled by dark spots etc. masturbation causes several sexual health problems like shortness of penis (penis shrinkage),penis weakness/thinness, looseness, deformed penis, loss of penis resistance feeling etc. masturbation habit is also primary cause of male sexual health problems like nocturnal emission, Erectile dysfunction(ED) and premature ejaculation (PE). Masturbation is bad for brain, memory and eyes too.

Founder of Shri Baidyanaath Ayurved bhavan and well known and renowned pandit of Ayurveda vaidya shri ramnarayan sharma has written in his famous book “Aarogya prakash”'s page 96:-

“Reading dirty books and porn watching definitely causes dirtiness in psyche. It develops the tendency of doing some hidden sin. Due to this, students become habitual of masturbation. Due to masturbation habit nervous system becomes weak and loose.It badly affects the semen and causes several health problems like nocturnal emission, PE, ED, bad semen and sperm quantity and quality, loss of appetite etc. The cause of these scary results is the birth of bad thoughts in the psyche. In order to stay clear of these things, it is our main duty to keep distance from vulgar reading and porn watching”.

Writer of several Ayurveda texts, ayurved- panchanan babu haridas vaidya writes on page 126 of part 4 of chikitsa chandroday :-

Against the law of nature and universe, just to create pleasant effect, to have some fun, stupid and innocent people, in the company of scoundrel people, hold their penis and shake it. Due to this act, in a few moments semen comes out and they feel orgasm. This is called hastamaithun. This sinister act makes the person's body weak, kills the shine and light of the face, makes the person irritant and frustrated, eyes gets down, the person indulging in this sinister act of masturbation always remains worried and scared, his chest becomes weak, brain and heart becomes powerless, he gets less sleep and often suffers from insomnia, he becomes anxious or scared even in small things, he views bad dreams in night and his limbs become cold and numb. All these problem occurs in the initial stage of this habit. If this bad habit is not quit in this first stage then it creates bigger health problems like strain in veins, depression, anxiety and several neurological disorders. Apart from this, memory and brain strength decreases, body becomes weak and dull and ultimately penis becomes very weak, thin and short, person start to suffer from sexual health problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and at the end becomes impotent."

Many such examples can be given where ancient Ayurveda experts and vaidyas have condemned the masturbation habit in both males and females. These thoughts are not expressed by these Indian Ayurveda experts on their own, but they have learnt these things based on their experiences while treating several thousand patients.

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Question: who suffers from an urge to do masturbation, and why?

Answer: The desire to masturbate arises only in lustful people. Urge to masturbate arises in the people who indulge in lustful thoughts and lusty imaginations. This task cannot be done without lustfulness. People who live in bad company, read dirty books, watch porn movies and talk dirty things, feel the sexual arousal or desire. And if they don't find any source to fulfil the arousal or desire, they resort to this perverted sex tendency of masturbation. So, the one who indulges in sexual talks, sexual thoughts or sexual viewing, does the masturbation. People who stay away from these things don't even know what masturbation is.

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Question: If someone is sexually aroused, and still he does not want to ejaculate, then is there another way to satisfy this desire?

Answer: why not? It's not a big deal at all. If a human truly desire and honestly wants to do something then everything is possible. The easiest method to avoid masturbation is to immediately move away from loneliness and start talking with someone. Or start doing some work which requires exercise. The most effective trick to get rid of masturbation habit is to take a commitment about our health and body and its future.

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Question: if someone is sexually aroused, and doesn't resort to ejaculation or masturbation, then can this condition cause any other disease or problem?

Answer: this question is very deep. So it is necessary to understand it properly.


Below is a text from page 147 of the book “sex and human loving”:--

“in a survey published in 2013, Sorenson found that 39% of adolescent girls and 58% of adolescent boys had masturbatory experience. It appears that by age 20, this figure rises to about 85% of males and 60% of females. Most recently, our own data from interviews with 580 women aged 18 to 30 indicated that more than ¾ has masturbated during adolescence, confirming indications of a trend to a higher incidence of masturbation in female teenagers since Kinsey's time.

In spite of this behavioural trend, guilt or anxiety about masturbation continues to plague teenagers. 57% of adolescent girls and 45% of adolescent boys reported such negative feelings “sometimes” or “often” according to Sorenson, and other workers have confirmed this finding.

Disadvantages And Negative Side Effects of Masturbation

Apart from the natural sexual activity between man and woman, the most common and popular sexual activity is Masturbation among all types of sexual activities. Mostly teenage and young boys indulge in masturbation, but in recent years, after getting affected by atmosphere and situation, some unmarried girls have also started to do masturbation. As per Ayurveda's belief, protecting and saving sperms and semen is considered the best.

As per Ayurveda's opinion, saving and protecting semen and sperms is considered the best and a very desirable practice. Ayurveda has also advised to spend semen with moderation and in a controlled or limited manner. India's Ayurveda experts have supported this view of Ayurveda over the centuries and have advised not to waste semen and sperms. But in past 30-35 years there is a difference of opinion and assumptions seen in this matter. Main reason of this is the effect of some western arguments and western mentality. Some Indian sex experts have also supported this western line of thinking and contrary to Ayurveda views, have negated the Ayurveda's doctrine of protecting the semen. Such sex experts consider masturbation as a natural act and not at all harmful for the body. Due to this, the topic of masturbation has become somewhat controversial and complicated.

In Biovatica.Com We have written several detailed articles about Ayurveda's view on Masturbation. Now in this article we are focusing on getting cured from masturbation habit. In Biovatica, we have discussed the topic of masturbation in detail and have proved on earlier occasions that masturbation is an unnatural act and it is definitely harmful for the body and overall health. Masturbation cannot be considered natural or beneficial from any point of view or any angle or reason. Hence this act must be condemned and criticised. And it should be strongly advised not to do this.


Humans (men and women) can feel the sexual erection or excitement even without a sexual partner.Having a sexual pleasure or orgasm without a partner of opposite sex is called “Solosex” or “Auto erotic sexual behaviour”. When a person feels this kind of orgasm in involuntary form of sleep then it is called nocturnal emission. And when a person feels this kind of solo orgasm in awakened state, then its called “Masturbation”.

Though for the purpose of “auto erotic sexual behaviour” or “solosex”or “self-sex” several sex toys are available these days, but most men-women use their hands for solosex. Hence it's called “ Hastamaithun”( handsex) in Ayurveda. Let's first discuss the different Ayurveda point-of-views about masturbation:-

Ancient and traditional point-of-view: - experts and doctors believing in this point-of-view say that masturbation habit slowly kills the physical, mental and sexual health because masturbation is an unnatural and abnormal activity.

questions like Masturbation is right or wrong? Good or bad? Normal or abnormal? Natural or unnatural? are less important than the question “masturbation is good for health or not?”

Though masturbating occasionally or doing it in low frequency doesn't affect our body or health much and it does not cause any sexual health problems. But excess in masturbation, or doing it too much surely puts negative effects in overall health and sexual health. Masturbation habit usually starts in a very amateur and inexperienced stage of teen hence there are more chances of its excess. That's why except the modern medical science, all ancient medical methods and religions are against the habit of Masturbation.