Ayurveda and Premature Ejaculation,आयुर्वेद और Shighrapatan (शीघ्रपतन)

Ayurveda's complete Overview/Analysis on Premature Ejaculation, 7 Ayurveda Rules/Tips on PE, increase stambhan Shakti

Ayurveda and Premature Ejaculation,आयुर्वेद और Shighrapatan (शीघ्रपतन)

Ayurveda's complete Overview/Analysis on Premature Ejaculation, 7 Ayurveda Rules/Tips on PE, increase stambhan Shakti


Ayurveda's complete Overview/Analysis on Premature Ejaculation, 7 Ayurveda Rules/Tips on PE, List of Free Indian Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation (PE) Treatment with Natural Home Remedies are Listed on This Page...

Ayurveda Premature Ejaculation

Just like Men, Women also have equal right to get physical and mental pleasure and satisfaction in a physical relationship and sexual intercourse. To achieve this, male partner must possess the Ejaculation Power (or Ejaculation Strength) so that he doesn't ejaculate until the female partner has achieved orgasm (sexual climax).
Ayurveda Premature Ejaculation


But this is a practical fact that most men start their sexual life as a premature ejaculator. As time passes by, some men learn to control the ejaculation but some men keep facing the problem of Premature Ejaculation in their sexual lives. It is also a fact that most men have to control the eagerness in their sexual behaviours and they have to control this problem of PE through practice and experience.

If we view it as a natural setting, then, sperms' flow into the female eggs has nothing to do with the sexual satisfaction of either male or female. Human's Primate Cousins like monkey and chimpanzee ejaculate very quickly so in a way it looks natural if a man also ejaculate quickly. Which means the tendency of quick ejaculation is something which men have got in Inheritance and the ability to hold it for longer time or having Ejaculation Power can be achieved only through practice and experience. In most (almost all) cases; early, rapid or premature ejaculation is not any sexual disease or disorder.

The words used for this condition like premature ejaculation, premature climax, or early ejaculation all make it look like as a disease, disorder or harmful condition. Instead, it's an operational and practical procedure of the body which is happening in a little quick manner. Thus the better and perfect word for this condition should be 'Rapid Ejaculation'. Generally, at times, ejaculation is mistaken as premature ejaculation but actually it is not the fact for that situation. For example, in many cases when a male partner is having intercourse after the gap of a long time, then, it's natural for him to achieve orgasm quickly. And also, in the early days of a man's sexual life, he is very likely to suffer from this condition due to excitement of having sex, eagerness and lack of experience and practice of holding the ejaculation for a longer time.

It is not really easy to define premature ejaculation because there are actually no pre-defined parameters to apply on all men about the ideal time it should take for a man to ejaculate. Premature Ejaculation is considered to be a disorder/problem of men but a man's early ejaculation is defined from the point-of-view of female partner's sexual satisfaction. It means this question is very insignificant and impractical that for how long time duration a man should not ejaculate semen. Thus, before defining premature ejaculation it is necessary to understand how much time does the female partner take to achieve orgasm in the sexual intercourse?

Ayurveda has listed complete Ayurvedic rules and guidelines to cure the male sexual disorder called premature ejaculation.

1)  Lack of stambhan Shakti ( ejaculation power) is one of the major sexual diseases in today's males and those couples are lucky who are not affected by this nightmare. Just like a weak person is short tempered because he does not have tolerance power and he gets out of control quickly. Similarly, due to lack of sperm power in the body, weak men get excited quickly, become out of control and suffer from premature ejaculation. Such men should eat the foods which create sperms and semen in the reproductive system of the body.

2) Due to excess accumulation of heat in the body semen becomes hot, polluted and thin which causes early ejaculation. Habit of being awake till late night, eating very hot or spicy food, eating sour food or eatables which are heavy in digestion, keeping the psyche filled with worry, sadness or mourning, digestion disorder and always having sexual thoughts are the primary causes of premature ejaculation. Avoiding these things help in the treatment and cures of premature ejaculation.

3)  Patients of hotness (heat) suffer from nocturnal emission as well with premature ejaculation. Such patient should first clear the stool of stomach with the help of Enema or Julaab. such patients should take 1 spoonful of Baalharad every night with water so that stomach remains clean.

4)In order to clean the stomach and reduce heat patient should eat the powder or churna of Sheetalchini(kabaabchini) 4-5 times a day. It will cause frequent urination so don't stop it. After that take only 1 dose of it in the night before sleeping.

5)  For a proper Stambhan it is required that psyche is happy, excited, and free from sadness or worry, free from stress/tension and filled with love. Both partners are mutually happy, healthy and filled with freshness. Both partners share mutual understanding and love. It is necessary that stomach is empty and clean, there is no pressure of urine or stool. Body is not suffering from tiredness, thirst or laziness. All these things are very necessary and essential to cure and treat premature ejaculation.

6) If you have just come from a journey, have just recovered from a disease, feeling tired or lazy, have just taken meal, feeling thirsty or hungry, psyche is disappointed, worried or filled with sadness or mourning, have to leave on tour the next morning, partner's mood is not happy, you don't get partner's support, your head is heavy or you are suffering from cold, or you are in a hurry …. Ayurveda has advised not to have sex in any of these conditions because these situations might cause premature ejaculation.

7)  Don't do unnecessary sexual thinking all the time. Don't read sexual books, avoid porn watching, neither stare at beautiful women nor think about them. All these things are called ' maansik maithun' in Ayurveda which is even more harmful than physical sex. Continuous sexual thinking, study or discussion resides with our psyche and become cause for premature ejaculation. These are 7 Ayurveda rules which can cure and treat your problem of premature ejaculation. Just follow these rules honestly and see the miracle after one month.ी

Now, we will list and discuss the most popular and effective Ayurvedic Indian home remedies for the treatment and cure of Premature Ejaculation.

1) Veerya Stambhan Vati

Virya Stambhan Vati

The Veerya Stambhan Vati is the most effective and very popular Indian Ayurvedic remedy for the treatment and cure of Premature Ejaculation.


Preparation method, ingredients and dosage of Veerya Stambhan Vati are listed below:--

Ingredients of Veerya Stambhan Vati :-- Poorna Chandroday ( Siddha Makardhwaj)- 1 gram, Kesar -2 grams, Joonde Bedastar- 8 grams, flowers of Lobaan - 2 grams, Jaavitri - 2 grams, Akarkara - 2 grams, Bhimseni kapoor( Camphor or Kapur / Kapoor)- 2 grams, lavang- 2 grams ( All ingredients listed in Biovatica.Com are easily available in all Indian Ayurveda shops.)

Preparation method of Veerya Stambhan Vati - Take all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them properly. Once the mixed powder becomes very thin, put some amount(as needed) of honey and Bangali paan in it. Now mix the entire solution properly. Make small pills from this solution and your Ayurvedic home remedy for the treatment and cure for Premature Ejaculation is ready. These pills are called 'Veerya Stambhan Vati'.

Dosage and benefits of Veerya Stambhan Vati - Take 1 or 2 Veerya Stambhan Vati pills in morning and evening with milk and you will see the results within few days.

2) virya shodhan vati and virya shodhan choorna (powder)
virya shodhan vati

ingredients of virya shodhan vati: coming soon

preparation method of virya shodhan vati: coming soon

dosage of virya shodhan vati: coming soon

benefits of virya shodhan vati : coming soon

3) Home Remedy for Stambhan Shakti ( Meaning of 'Stambhan Shakti' in English is 'Ejaculation Power')

Excess in sexual behaviour or wasting semen through unnatural sexual acts can lead to the disease of premature ejaculation in men. We are listing below a very effective and useful Ayurveda home remedy for the treatment and cure of premature ejaculation :-

3) ingredients : kharbooje ki mingi 20 grams, safed musli 20 grams, petha 40 grams, kebabchini 40 grams and four full leaves of aloes (gheejwar or ghritkumari), misri - 500 grams. Maava - 250 grams and pure ghee.

Preparation method: take out the mass of aloe leaves and mix and grind them together with petha . Mix this solution in pure ghee and prepare for some time. Mix and grind all other ingredients and mix them in this solution. Now grind 500 grams misri and prepare a chaasni of it. Now put the maava and all the ingredients in it. Put this entire solution in a dish (tray) and leave it for getting cold and dry. After some time prepare barfi of 10-10 grams each. Your Ayurvedic home remedy for the treatment and cure of premature ejaculation is ready.

Quantity and dosage: eat 1 barfi every morning with slightly hot milk.

Benefits: this Ayurvedic home remedy is the best and very effective for the treatment and cure of premature ejaculation.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation According to Ayurveda

Ayurveda says no disease comes without any reason or cause. It does not matter whether we are aware or knowledgeable about the reasons/causes of its birth/onset or occurrence. There can be several causes contributing to the occurrence of this disorder called premature ejaculation. Here we are listing some major causes of premature ejaculation given by ayurveda. Every young man must strongly stay clear/away from these reasons causing premature ejaculation:

1)  History of doing masturbation is a primary cause of suffering from premature ejaculation. Grip of the hand's fist while doing masturbation puts a very strong and hard pressure on penis. This strong pressure is unnatural while the grip or pressure of a woman's sexual organ is not this much strong or hard. Due to this hard pressure several times during masturbation, penis becomes weak and loose. It negatively affects the shape/shaft of the penis and sometimes results in deformed penis. The speed of resistance made by hand is more than the speed of resistance experienced during sexual intercourse. Jolts made by hands during masturbation are also very quick and rapid which also harms the penis. Later, due to these causes, condition of premature ejaculation arises.

2) The mentality and psyche of a guy doing excessive masturbation becomes that of an impatient and overtly excited man who has high libido. Since he does not have any partner in this act, he has to satisfy his libido and experience the excitement and feeling of orgasm on his own. In his effort to feel the pleasure of ejaculation, he wants to reach the orgasm as quickly as he can. Guys habitual of masturbation have told us that initially, while doing masturbation they used to ejaculate after resisting fist for a longer time but slowly and gradually this time interval reduced and they started to ejaculate and feel orgasm after doing less resistance of hand. A guy habitual of regular masturbation generally develops a ‘quickly ejaculate and become stress/tension free' mentality. Due to this mentality, he suffers from premature ejaculation during intercourse.

3)  A guy with the history of doing masturbation is habitual and used to doing this act all alone while doing sex with a woman this loneliness is not there and situation is very different. Some young men's minds do not adjust to the pressure and effect of the changed circumstances and lose the balance and control. Due to this cause situation goes out of hand and he suffers from premature ejaculation.

4)  When a man who is used to loneliness and increasing excitement quickly for early ejaculation, comes in contact with a young woman or girl, he feels little awkward. This situation becomes like adding fuel to the fire for him. Due to his inability to handle this situation, he quickly surrenders.

5)  Heaviness of urinary bladder, rectum or mind at the time of sexual intercourse can also cause premature ejaculation.

6)  Not getting appropriate or balanced co-operation from sexual partner during intercourse can also cause premature ejaculation.

7)  When a man is unable to control his excitement, it also becomes the cause of premature ejaculation.

8)  Indulging in sexual intercourse after a very long time, obesity and increase in body heat due to any reason are also common causes of premature ejaculation.


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