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Welcome to Biovatica.Com

Biovatica.com :: About Us :: Interview with Founder


About Us

Many website visitors contact us and email us asking several questions about why and how Biovatica was founded? What is inspiration behind listing Ayurvedic Indian remedies for free in this website etc.. On this page we have compiled all the questions which our website visitors keep asking us. We have tried to list all queries and list all answers in a simple question- answer format... Answers are provided by the chief editor of Biovatica.com. Here we go…

Question – As you have already written in several articles in the website, you have never been a writer or journalist, neither have you taken any training in journalism, and then in this middle age, how and from where did you get the courage and inspiration to start a website on Ayurveda and wellbeing?

Answer – As per my belief and mind-set my simple and clear answer to this question is – It is God's wish. Whatever God wanted me to do is being done by me, will be done by me for as long as he wants. I neither have any interference in this, nor do I consider myself responsible for this. Because an incapable, less knowledgeable and a lonely person like me could not have done it without the help and support of God. It was God's desire that's why he gave me this thought and inspiration to start a website on Indian Ayurveda home remedies. That omniscient supreme God is present in every human being. That voice of conscience is actually the voice of God.

I have done medicine business for about 25 years. And during this business I have regularly met patients, doctors, vaidyas & hakims, general people and healthcare professionals. It's because I was also in the field of preparation of Ayurvedic remedies. Hence I have done long tours to meet the doctors.

In this long career of 25 years, I realized that our countrymen don't have enough knowledge about their body and health. It is because there are no arrangements to provide education in this field in our schools and colleges. Most of the people have misunderstandings in this field. People have wrong assumptions and thoughts based on talks they have heard. Our people don't have sufficient information or knowledge about human body science and health security.

In order to fill this vacuum, it was necessary to create a resource or website where free information and Ayurvedic remedies' preparation methods are listed. Information based not only on physical aspects but also on mental, psychological and spiritual aspects. This is how idea of Biovatica.com took place.

Question – This is the era of advertisement and publicity. If you advertise on radio, TV and newspapers, you can get millions more visitors to Biovatica.com. Why don't you do it?

Answer – As I have told earlier, I have not started Biovatica for business purpose or financial gains. Even today I don't consider it a business. Besides, advertisements require lots of money, which I neither had earlier, nor have today. Apart from this, I believe that the best form of publicity is “mouth publicity”. Because the base of mouth publicity is the quality and utility of the content of the source. If something is useless and has no utility then it can work only once with the help of advertisement. But nobody will buy the things again if they are useless or not useful. Only things with quality and utility become popular. And it carries its popularity as long as good quality is maintained. That's why since beginning I have given my total concentration, time and efforts for maintaining superior quality in Biovatica.com. This website which used to get a few hundred visitors is now getting thousands of unique visitors per month.

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