Ayurveda and Mental Health, आयुर्वेद और मानसिक रोग

आयुर्वेद और मानसिक रोग, Ayurveda and Mental Health, Ayurveda medicine Shankhpushpi, Ayurveda medicine brahmi for mental health.

Ayurveda and Mental Health, आयुर्वेद और मानसिक रोग

आयुर्वेद और मानसिक रोग, Ayurveda and Mental Health, Ayurveda medicine Shankhpushpi, Ayurveda medicine brahmi for mental health.


Ayurveda and Mental Health

Ayurveda Mental Health
Ayurveda's Complete Views, Analysis and Discussions on Mental Health

Biovatica.com receives hundreds of emails in which our website visitors ask numerous questions about Ayurveda and mental health. These questions vary significantly as many people even question whether this ancient Indian Medical science of Ayurveda has even ever addressed the issue of mental health, psychology and psychiatric conditions or not? While other question are very specific asking whether there are Ayurvedic treatments and Ayurveda home remedies available for certain mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, mania, bipolar disorder, social anxiety and schizophrenia etc.? And so on.. In order to address and answer all the users' queries we have compiled an FAQ section on the topic of Ayurveda and mental health. We hope after reading this FAQ section our website visitors will know our and Ayurveda's view on Ayurveda and mental health, Ayurveda and psychology and Ayurveda and psychiatric conditions.

Question: - After reading and analyzing these user queries, first question which arises is how do mental illnesses develop? And what should be done in order to not being affected by them?
Answer: - We will start with physical and mental structure and procedures. Basically, if someone is too much affected with a mental disorder then it is advised to seek help of a specialist mental health professional or psychiatrist because it is not possible for an ordinary person to identify which kind of mental disorder it is. For common people It is not easy to recognize whether it is hysteria, phobia, mania, schizophrenia or any other mental health condition. Case of mental disease or disorder is a very sensitive and critical issue hence it is better for the patient to see a specialist mental health professional. But yes, there are some preventive measures to stay clear of mental disorders about which we can tell something medically. In Biovatica.Com we have earlier discussed and have given diagrams too the cells in our body. What types of cells are there in the body and how do they work. Now we want to tell you that there are around 100 billion nerves cells in the body. A human body has 100 billion nerves cell out of which only 50 millions are active and rest all remain in sleep mode. The biggest part of these nerves cell is related to spinal cord and brain. These nerves cell maintain the relation of all senses and the internal part of our body. Most of the nerves cells of a common person remain in sleep mode. India's rishi-munis and yogis – with the help of strict meditation and penance, yoga and Ashtanga yoga, deep interaction with each and every part of the body and by flowing the life force in each part of the body – awakened these nerve cells and awakened Kundalini. Such great people succeeded in awakening half of their entire nerve cells and then utilized them in such a way that that the power of their body opens up and spread through the entire world and universe.

Ayurveda Mental Health Ayurveda Mental Health

As it is said in Ayurveda, the condition of our body and the universe is same. The experience and knowledge of this similarity is felt only by those great men, not the common people. Nobody is able to completely understand the mystery of human body and the hidden secrets beneath it. Even the great sages and rishi-munis who possessed strange and divine self-powers were unable to gain the entire and complete knowledge about this subject but they just passed and taught the knowledge whatever they were able to find.

Just think about how the creator God has made so many different body parts, limbs and organs in this human body. We are only able to utilize our body parts when we use their functions in a natural way or natural order. And when we do create some mess in the natural or appropriate use of our body and its parts, then mental diseases are born. When the thoughts become cloudy, mental disorders and diseases arises. To stay away from this we will have to give a serious thought to our sense organs and sentiency.
ayurveda sense organs mental health
Eyes, ears, tongue, nose and skin – these five are prime sense organs of human body. Viewing, listening, smelling, tasting and to experience the touch are their primary tasks. All of our five organs are unique, distinctive and unparalleled. Still we don't regard them with due respect. Forget using them properly, we actually misuse them . This is where mental diseases generate. Since mental disorders develop very slowly, we remain unaware about the problem for a long time and stay carefree about them. For an instance, let's take the example of sound.

Most people don't know that - sound, in spiritual and mystical form; and energy, in physics and scientific form (which you can call electricity, power or thunderbolt too) - are the source, origin and provenance of this world and universe. Scientists also say that at the end of all elements only this power or energy is remained. Now there is a deep relation between sound and energy that's why with support of the energy, sound can travel to any corner of the world in a moment. Which make it look like as though sound and energy are ubiquitous and are present everywhere. This is very unfortunate that we are buggering about this vary sound and energy, misusing it and due to this mental diseases are increasing.

Take an example of music. There are several types of vibration of sound such as high vibrations, low vibrations and medium vibrations. There are sweet, soft and very soft vibrations and then there are sharp cutting and harsh sound vibrations too. All of them have different types of effects on us. Some harsh sounds disturb our mind suddenly and we suffer from headache. Music could have brought some peace og mind but these days it is becoming more of a noise pollution. Instead if we listen to some soft and melodies music, it brings so much mental peace, harmony and freshness. This atmosphere leaves a very positive and healthy effect on our nerves system and brain.

On the contrary if we have the feeling of stress or mental tension, then our energy weakens. If there are loud noises, or we are getting angry or irritated, then the internal cells of our body become weak. It disturbs the balance of sodium and potassium in our cells causing cells to get discharged resulting in experience of weakness in us. This weakness makes us prone to mental diseases, mental disorders and mental health conditions.

Excessive anger and temper results in mental weakness afterwards and our hands and legs begin shaking during the angry spell. Thus anger is considered first stage of madness. That way we will have some kind of madness in us. Those who show extreme madness or mania end up in mental hospital.

On the contrary if we listen to good music, become soft-spoken, keep auspicious and healing thoughts, think about welfare of the others, do meditation and keep maintaining the concentration of the psyche.. Then our cells begin to charge and we start to feel lively, energetic strong and fresh again. By doing this we can be able to awaken those cells that are in sleep mode. For this we will have to keep the bad and evil thoughts at bay and will have to learn to maintain the good and positive thoughts for as long as possible. With this measure we will be able to get away from mental diseases.
ayurveda mental health

Our mind can have thousands of imaginations. The imaginations which come and go i.e. do not stay permanently do not leave any effect on our mind and psyche. But the imaginations which come back again and again, repeatedly, and freeze, they become our thought. When the thought become stronger it becomes determination. When this determination become action, which means when it becomes active, then it becomes our karma . When karma reaps then it becomes Prarabdha( destiny). So we find that imagination is the start and destiny is the end. These are two ends of the dimensions. Two maximums. This way, our destiny will be similar to our imagination. Similarly whatever mental disease we have, has its roots in our perverted imagination and morbid mentality.
ayurveda depression

And when this mentality is perverted or dirty, then we will also become corrupt and dirty. Nervous system will start to get discharged due to which first we will feel stress then tiredness. This disquietude takes away our sleep and today many people have lost their sleep. They are suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia. Insomnia is a serios mental health problem which me lead us to other more serious mental disorders like mania and bipolar disorder.

Just like anger, there is one more thing which can lead us to mental health problems and that is sex. Our Ayurveda shastra and other religious texts have advised us to follow sexual discipline or brahmacharya and indulge in sexual activities in a limited and balanced manner. But these days sex is becoming more prominent and is being used in an extensive way which is proving to be a major cause of mental illness, mental health problems and mental diseases.
Ayurveda and Mental Health

If our mind is always sternutatory and hypersexual then it can never be content or satisfied. Due to this sushumna nadi gets corrupted and obviously mind also becomes morbid. This situation badly affects the mental health condition of both men and women. Due to this hysteria start affecting women and men suffer from ED, PE etc. And causes several types of sexual dysfunction which are very commonly seen in western countries. It is a matter of great pain and concern that even after seeing these negative effects people don't learn any lesson and keep making fun of sexual disciplenes like brahmacharya. This type of behaviour is a major cause of mental health problems.

Emphasis should be on the fact that behaving against regimen of good health leads to physical health problems and doing acts against ethical values leads to the mental health problems and mental diseases. Mind and psyche stuck in the enemies like lust, anger, desire, jealousy, greed and arrogance often falls prey to the several types of mental disorders. In brief, these all are the causes of mental disorders, mental illness and mental diseases. Best way of not getting affected by a mental disease is to stay away from all the things which we have discussed above. Maintaining a regimen of good thinking habit and following a healthy diet plan is essential and very necessary for the prevention of mental health problems.

There are several kinds of mental problems or diseases. Some of these are tension (stress), depression, irritability, sleeplessness (insomnia), oversleeping, negative point-of-view, madness, hallucinations and some major illnesses like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder etc. out of these some diseases are dangerous and it becomes necessary to treat them in time. It is a fact that this is the era of stress, tension and mental pressure so most people are affected by some kind of mental problem.

It is a doctrine of psychology that due to excessive thinking and thoughts about the feelings of worries, doubts, confusion, hatred, anger, sorrow, mourning, embarrassment, arrogance and inferiority complex, a person loses control over his mind. And thus becomes affected from the any of the diseases listed above.

From the perspective of health, mental diseases are also important with the physical diseases. In today's time there is competition in every field so daily routine life is becoming very busy and hectic. Due to this mental dissatisfaction is increasing. As a result, mental diseases are on the rise.

Why does a man become depressed or sad? Why a feeling of committing some crime does occurs in his mind? Why does he get ready to commit suicide even in small issues and problems? The root cause of all these is only one disease – mental disease. Due to not being mentally strong or healthy, a person's balance of psyche and brain deteriorates and his thought power and thinking ability gets destroyed. Today almost every person is affected by mental stress. They are running after impossible objectives. But why! It will be difficult to say. Someone wants to become rich and wealthy, and someone wants to achieve certain milestone. These desires or ambitions are not wrong, wrong are the inappropriate tricks or methods to achieve these goals.

The place of psyche is very sublime and renowned in Ayurveda. That's why in Ayurveda, there is separate and detailed information available for mental diseases. Physical diseases also affect the psyche that's why physical diseases also have mental symptoms.

Some major Ayurvedic Indian home remedies for the better functioning of psych, mind and brain given in Ayurveda are listed below: -

1) Shankhpushpi

Shankhpushpi Shankhpushpi

2)  Brahmi

Brahmi Brahmi

3)  Jatamansi ( Nardostachys jatamansi)

Jatamansi jatamans

4)  bach

details coming soon

5)  kooth

details coming soon

Take above listed all 5 Ayurveda home remedies in equal quantities. Mix and grind them together to prepare a powder.

Dosage – take one spoonful of this powder every morning and evening with milk.


In the condition of sleeplessness (insomnia), take 2 pills of sarpgandha ghan vati and 2 spoonful of saarasvatarisht and ashvagandharisht with water.


In Schizophrenia, take 1 ) ganjakush ras 2) chandi bhasma and 3) brahmi kwath 3 times a day.


Take Hingvashtak churna,kumara aasav and mahakalyan grit in night with milk.


Panch-karma treatment is also useful in mental diseases.

(10) Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha Ashwagandha