Herpes Ayurveda treatment and home Remedies

Ayurveda home remedies for the treatment of herpes are listed in this page.

Herpes Ayurveda treatment and home Remedies

Ayurveda home remedies for the treatment of herpes are listed in this page.


Ayurveda treatment for herpes

herpes ayurveda cure

Ayurveda home remedies for the treatment of herpes are listed below :-

Until you find an expert doctor or healthcare professional to treat herpes, you can use any of the following Ayurveda home remedies to supress the symptoms. These Indian home remedies for herpes only control the herpes from spreading but do not provide cure for herpes. You are advised to contact your own doctor for herpes treatment and cures. This is a difficult disease hence it is not necessary that it is cured or treated by Ayurveda home remedies.still you can use these herpes Ayurveda indian home remedies to suppress the symptoms:-

1)  Take some Neem Leaves and boil them in water.

Then put small quantity of potassium permanganate in this water. Wash the herpes sores (abscess or affected area) with this water 4-5 times a day. It provides relief in herpes treatment. It is a very easy to prepare Indian Ayurveda home remedy for the treatments and cure of herpes (genital, oral and other herpes).

2)  Eat Julaab (purgative) and keep the stomach clean.

3) Virechak kaadha for Herpes

Virechak kaadha ingredients: gulaab ke phool, kaali manukka and sanaay – 20 grams each, water- 200 ml.

Virechak kaadha preparation method: boil all three ingredients in 1 glass(200 ml.) of water. When only 50 ml. water is remaining then take it and sieve it. Drink this kaadha before sleeping. This kadha will cause loose motion hence will clean the stomach. A clean and clear stomach is necessary for herpes relief.

4)  Herpes Wound washing

Take 150 grams trifla churna and 50 grams bhringraaj churna. Put both the powder in 1 litre of water and boil together. When the solution remains 1/4 th then take it out. Wash the outbreaks or affected area with this solution 2-3 times a day. It provides relief in outbreak inflammation.


5) Ayurveda Indian home remedy Balm for Herpes

Ayurvedic herpes balm ingredients : harad, baheda and amla – 100- 100 grams each.

Ayurvedic herpes balm preparation method : mix and grind all 3 ingredients in a bowl. Then fry the mixture in an iron bowl. When its fried properly then take it out and again mix and grind propely to prepare a churna(powder). now put honey in this combined powder to make a balm.

Ayurvedic herpes balm application, usage and benefits – Apply this balm to the affected area. It provides instant and long lasting relief.

6)  Organ washing

Ingredients: giloy,saunth, mulhathi – 20-20 grams each.banyan leaves – 10-15

Solution preparation method: mix and grind all ingredients together in 1 litre of water and boil it until it remains 1/4 th . Washing sexual organs with this solution 2-3 times a day provides relief in outbreaks.

7)  Herpes Swelling and inflammation relief

Take equal quantities of daaruhaldi, shankh ki naabhi, rasot, laakh, gober, gond, eating oil, honey, ghee and milk. Mix all the ingredients properly and prepare a lotion. Apply this lotion on the herpes affected area. This indian Ayurveda home remedy provides relief in herpes inflammation and swelling. Take dried leaves of Pomegranate and grind them thin and mix with honey. This is another herbal home remedy for herpes outbreaks relief. Only rasot churna with honey also heals the wound.

8)  After listing Indian Ayurveda home remedies for herpes now we will discuss some remedies for herpes which are mentioned in ancient Ayurveda texts. These Ayurveda remedies for herpes have been very effective and beneficial for many patients:

Ingredients : vyaadhi haran rasaayan 5 grams, ropya bhasma 5 grams, gandhak rasaayan 5 grams, pravaal pishti 5 grams.

Preparation method : mix and grind all ingredients together to make a combined powder. now make 30 pudiyas from this solution.

Dosage: eat 1 pudiya each every morning and evening with honey.