Ayurveda and Arthritis , Rasna Shallaki Vati

Ayurveda and Arthritis , Rasna Shallaki Vati or rasnashallaki tablet, Rasna Shallaki Vati quantity dosage And benefits

Ayurveda and Arthritis , Rasna Shallaki Vati

Ayurveda and Arthritis , Rasna Shallaki Vati or rasnashallaki tablet, Rasna Shallaki Vati quantity dosage And benefits


Ayurveda, Arthritis and musculoskeletal pain


Swelling and pain in the joints of body's bones is called Arthritis. Today's modern medical science has defined several different types of arthritis. These types are Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gonorrheal arthritis, Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Neurotrophic arthritis and some other types of arthritis.


This disease which used to happen only to the people of old ages is now becoming common among the younger people. Knee replacement has become very common these days. Osteoarthritis is related to bone joints so it would be better to first discuss the joints of bones first.

There are two types of bone joints. In first type of bone joint joints can move in all directions. They can move up-down and left-right due to which we can walk, run and swim. This type of joints is present in shoulders, hips, elbows, waist and knees. Second types of joints are either not moveable or their movability is very less. This type of joints is present in back bone and the bones of head.

Nature has provided all the security arrangements for the joints so that these joints stay intact and also they can do their work properly. Nature has created a capsule of muscles around all the joints. There are two elements which remain present in this capsule. These elements are Cartilage and Synovial Membrane. Cartilage is soft, hole bearing and polished and it contains water and proteins. One of its proteins named Collagen forms a web like structure which provides stability and flexibility to the joint. Water and web together forms a structure which provide sufficient movements to the joints and also defend it from the resistance occurring in the movement synovial fluid protects the bones from abrading and loss.

After this brief overview about bones and joints let's start discussion on Osteoarthritis as whole.

Osteoarthritis is a disease of bone joints. This disease affects bone joint Cartilage which results in degeneration or loss of Cartilage . That's why this disease is also known as “Degenerative Arthritis”. Generally this disease happens only to elderly or aged people. But due to wrong eating habits and inappropriate lifestyle these disease is now happening to younger people also.

This disease strikes the joints which bear more weight. These joints are present in knee, hip, spinal cord, hand and legs. Whichever joint this disease strikes, its cartilage loss starts. Initially cartilage of affected joint shows signs of swelling. Thereafter there is loss of water and proteins in the affected cartilage. It then causes cracks and holes in the cartilage of affected joint.This loss increases as the disease gains more ground. Ultimately a large portion of cartilage gets damaged. As a result of this, corners of bones remain insecurely open in the joints. Whenever these affected joints are used, they cause pain because it further causes damage to them.

Causes of arthritis:

Osteoarthritis means drying of synovial fluid, this disease is generally seen in people of old age but these days people of 40-45 age are also seen affected by this disease.in our experience there are several causes of this disease which are listed below :-

•  Genetic – people whose parents or grandparents are affected by this disease are more likely to get affected by Osteoarthritis. In these cases joints have the genetic tendency to get damaged. And with growing age cartilage loses the capacity to get healed or control the damage.

•  Rheumatoid arthritis – in patients of rheumatoid arthritis there are greater possibilities of damage to the joints. Its patients have more probabilities to the damage to cartilage.

•  Injury to the joint – injury to the joint is an important and major cause of Osteoarthritis. Injury or a continuous pressure to the joint also causes this disease. People who get injury on knee or the people who are extremely obese are 5 times more likely to get Osteoarthritis on knee. Whenever we take steps to walk, hip and knee joints get the weight 3 times more than the body weight. Walking downstairs makes it 6 times more than the body weight.thats why obese people face the knee related problems.

•  Infections – sometimes due to any bacterial or viral infection body gets affected from arthritis. Sometimes a skin disease named psoriasis also causes osteoarthritis in long term.

•  Other causes – in other causes blood secretion disorders like haemophilia which causes bleeding in bone joints, or any interruption to blood supplies in the bone joints, diabetes, hypothyroidism, disorders related to metabolism are also some other causes of osteoarthritis.

•  Special causes – wrong eating habits and faulty lifestyles are the major causes of this disease in young age. Due to activeness in daily life and lack of exercise makes bones, cartilage and joints weak.

Ayurvedic Indian home remedy for the treatment and cure of osteoarthritis and arthritis are listed below:-

1)  rasna shallaki vati or rasnashallaki tablet

Ingredients of rasna shallaki vati :- raasna 100 gram, shallaki, dashamool, saunth, bala, asgandh, errand, khurasaani, ajwain, punarnava, gokhru, maalkaangni, giloy and pure kuchlaa – all 25-25 grams each. Mahayograaj guggul - 15 gram.swarna maakshik bhasma, shankh bhasm, Shilajit, kapardik bhasma and jataamaansi- all 10-10 grams each.


Preparation method of rasna shallaki vati:- mix and grind thin all the ingredients and prepare a powder. Now take 4 litre water and make a soup with half kg dashamool and half kg errand mool. Put the earlier prepared powder in this soup and mix it in a bowl to prepare a paste. Now make small small pills(of 500 mg) out of this paste and your rasna shallaki vati is ready.


Dosage and quantity of rasna shallaki vati:- take 2 tablets each every morning and evening with milk.if necessary 2 pills can be taken 3-4 times a day.


Benefits of rasna shallaki vati – this tablet has the characteristic of rasayan, it nurtures the body metals and increases the digestive fire. It is very useful in Arthritis and musculoskeletal pain. This remedy is also very useful for the cure and treatments of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, paralysis, sciatica, joint pain, waist pain and acidity.