Acupressure points for allergic rhinitis

Acupressure points for allergic rhinitis, acupressure treatment for allergic rhinitis, acupressure reflex points for allergic rhinitis

Acupressure points for allergic rhinitis


Acupressure treatment for Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis (hay fever)

Rhinitis is the inflammation of nasal mucus membrane. Allergic rhinitis is characterized by spasmodic attacks of sneezing and discharge from the nose (rhinorrhoea) as a result of reaction to certain allergens. It is a very common disorder.

Causative factors:

•  Hereditary

•  Hormonal: it often begins with puberty and increases during pregnancy.

•  Climate – atmospheric pollution, humidity.

•  Dust, pollens, odor, feathers, mites

•  Emotional: psychological factors causing rhinitis.

•  Food – eggs, fish, milk, citrus fruit.



•  Paroxysmal sneezing with irritation in nose.

•  Profuse, watery nasal discharge.

•  Nasal obstruction

•  Loss of smell

•  Itching & watering of eyes.


Acupressure treatment of Allergic Rhinitis (hay fever):

Du 20, 23

LI 4, 19 20

Lu 7

St 3

Sp 10

Ex 1

Reflex points : brain, diaphragm, nose, chest, lungs, all toes.